Sponsors & Benefactors

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsorship with the Foundation can enhance a company’s image and visibility and differentiate the company from competitors in similar industry areas. A Corporate sponsor of the Foundation is an organisation which supports the Foundation by making an annual donation of $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

Special opportunities exist for companies to provide general support through annual donations or to sponsor individual activities such as one of the Foundation’s Tertiary Scholarships or the Annual Dinner. Corporate sponsors are acknowledged in ways which include invitations to annual Foundation events and dinners, recognition in our annual Bulletin and on our website and access to past and present leaders of the Battalions of the Regiment and the soldiers.

Corporate sponsors receive a certificate acknowledging their sponsorship and an invitation to the Annual Dinner.

The Foundation warmly welcomes two new corporate sponsors for 2019, NEXTGEN and Haulmark Trailers.

NEXTGEN is an enterprise technology distributor, differentiated by the ability to add value to every step of the distribution lifecycle. We think differently about distribution and if there’s a better way to do business we’ll lead the change for our vendors, channel partners and their customers. We move opportunities through the lifecycle to make them bigger, better and more robust by deploying services ranging from marketing to payment solutions, all tailored to the unique needs of the IT channel. It’s what we call “Distribution Reinvented”.
Haulmark Trailers (Australia ) Pty Ltd are actively involved in the design and manufacture of quality military trailers for a variety of applications including the transportation of tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, engineers plant and equipment as well as general freight, fuel, ammunition , stores, containerised freight ,shelters etc to suit the many specialised applications of a modern mobilised Defence Force.

National Benefactor

A National Benefactor is an individual who gifts a cumulative total of $20,000 or more to the Foundation. These individuals are acknowledged in our annual Bulletin and on our website and are invited to be a guest at the Annual Dinner.

The late Mrs S East
Mr WJ Forrest
Mr PJ Flower
Mr Frank Curphey

His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd)
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

Mr Robert George
Major (Retired) Glenn Crosland
Mr Troy Ramage


Individuals who have contributed a cumulative total of $1,000 are recognized as Benefactors of the Foundation and are acknowledged in our annual Bulletin and on our website.

Private T J Adams
Warrant Officer Class One DJ Allen
Sergeant IR Anderson
The late Colonel JD Andrew
Brigadier C G Appleton
Private M Arathoon
Private BG Arnold
Colonel WJ Austin
Private J V Baker
Captain WD Baker
Private JC Baldwin
Lieutenant Colonel AV Balmaks
Colonel P J Barta
Lieutenant Colonel M Bassingthwaighte
Warrant Officer Class Two BA Bates
General Sir P H Bennett
Lieutenant Colonel A Birch
Lieutenant Colonel MJ Birtles
Brigadier J P Blain
Major General M Blake
Mrs M Bolton
Brigadier MD Bornholt
The late Mr JR Brazell
Private ML Brock
Captain J Brook
The late Warrant Officer Class One R Bucknell
Private DP Carrick
Mr WER Carter
Private ML Casey
Mr Rod Cateley
Major General SF Caughey
Sergeant P Chang
Private JR Charteris-Pierce
Colonel JM Church
Captain JH Clark
Lieutenant Colonel DS Clarke
Private SA Clarke
Commander DE Clinch
Major General Adrian Clunies-Ross
Warrant Officer Class One SA Colman
R S Condon
Major G Colton
Major T Conn
Mr James Connolly
Corporal R Cooper
General P J Cosgrove
Major MA Coutts
Private B J Cranston
Major S N Croft
Major C Cromhout
Captain R T Crooks
Major G A Crosland
Major T Daniels
Warrant Officer Class One IA D’Arcy
Major MJ Defina
Colonel JC Dittmar
Private CC Donaghue
Captain JM Donohoe
WO 2 S Doevendans
Brigadier S J Dunn
Dr C Ellery
Corporal K Fabreschi
Brigadier K Fegan
Warrant Officer Class One AJ Feige
Brigadier CA Field
Private SP Finnigan
Private BJ Forner
Lieutenant General J J Frewen
Lieutenant T Friend
Private S Garritty
Private AG Gawne
Lieutenant Colonel J George
Major RI George
Colonel M S Goodyer
Sergeant M Greenhatch
Lance Corporal SW Gregory
Major PG Greive
Lieutenant Colonel IM Guild
Corporal J Harrison
The late Colonel JB Healy
Major L Helmrich
Mr Gregory Heywood
Private LJ Hill
Brigadier A J Hocking
Lieutenant Colonel HP Hoebee
Major J Hohnen
Captain SW Holmes
Major Matthew Huggins
The late Major General JC Hughes
General D J Hurley
Lieutenant Colonel TDR James
Major General M Jeffery
Lieutenant Colonel C Johnston
Private D Johnston
Major General MJ Keating
Major General M A Kelly AO, DSC
Major DT Kemp
WO 2 G J Kermode
Mr KM Kipping
Major GM Knowles
Private LM Krause
Lance Corporal GR Lang
Colonel E Lenaghan
Sergeant R Lewin
WO 1 B P Lynch
Private KM Lynch
Mr CJ Mayhew
Mr L McAulay
Major JF McCaffrey
Lieutenant Colonel D McCammon
Captain N McCarthy
Major MR McFarland
Private R McKenna
Private C McKillop
Private J McNeilly
Major JR Mickle
Mr DG Mitchell
Major General AJ Molan
Lt Col S Moore-Wilton
Lt Col MJ Musgrave
Mr JD O’Shea
Corporal SP O’Shea
Major LT Partridge
Sergeant R N Peck
Lieutenant Colonel MB Pears
Major SA Peachey
Major General PR Phillips
Private B Potter
Major ISA Power
Private S Preston
Lance Corporal J L Prewett
Lt Col T Ramage
Private JA Reece
Sergeant B Reid
Private MJ Robinson
Corporal MA Rogers
Lance Corporal S M Rosie
Lieutenant Colonel JB Rowland
Warrant Officer Class One CW Russell
Mr J Sarks
Warrant Officer Class Two RA Schrader
Sergeant A Scott
Brigadier BAR Scott
Warrant Officer Class one JR Sheahan
Brigadier JJ Shelton
Corporal J Shirdon
The late Warrant Officer Class Two AP Siggers
Major DA Siggers
Colonel TA Simkin
Mr M Skennar
Captain TS Slatter
Private JN Sorraghan
Captain GR Sowiak
Lieutenant Colonel BA Smith
Lieutenant Colonel CR Smith
Captain R Spackman
Captain A E Sparkes
Warrant Officer Class Two SG St Clair
Major MW Stevens
Mr J Stringfellow
Private DB Sullivan
The late Colonel R Sutton
Lieutenant Colonel IC Teague
Warrant Officer Class One JC Thies
Lieutenant SA Thompson
Lieutenant Colonel AK Treble
WO1 D Trill
Private DJ Underwood
Captain AB Vanden Hengel
Captain RS Varcoe
Mr AR Vockler
Major R Watchorn
Major JCM Walters
Major R W Weir
Mr L V Westende
Major General SVL Willis AM CSC
Sergeant MS Woodney
Larkforce 2/22nd Bn
Women’s Auxillary Wollongong RSL
Australian Commando Association Victoria Branch
PwC Australia