Pay Day Donations and Bequests to
The Royal Australian Regiment Foundation

PayDay Donation (or subscription) by allotment (or your pay) to the Foundation may be conducted through one of the Defence Credit Unions – the Australian Defence Credit Union or the Defence Force Credit Union. These organisations have offices in all centres where Battalions of the RAR are located. The minimum allotment is $2.00 per pay, and this is tax deductible when making out your tax return.

The alternative system of $10.00 for one year through to $50.00 for five years remains for those who do not have an account with either of the Credit Unions.

Otherwise you can donate once off or regularly using your bank or credit card.


A bequest as a gift in your Will is a simple way to make the gift of a lifetime.

Often it is difficult to choose which organisations to support in this way. For a soldier who has served in the Royal Australian Regiment and, especially for the soldier who has served in battle, that experience alone and the spirit of mateship which always emanates from shared danger and hardship should make it easy for the soldier to remember the Regiment when he is making out his Will.


Although you may legally write your own Will, it is strongly suggested that you seek the advice of a solicitor in order to ensure that your Will is correctly prepared and your plans will be carried out in accordance with your wishes.

Remember the Regiment in your Will by including a donation to the Royal Australian Regiment Foundation. You can be assured that such donations received will go towards supporting the comfort and welfare of the soldiers of the Regiment and their dependents.

All donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.