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Hassett Award for Leadership 2018

November 12, 2018 | Hassett Awards

The nominees for the Hassett Award for the best junior leader in the Regiment for 2018 were:

  • 1 RAR            Lance Corporal Adam Seaman
  • 2 RAR            Corporal Liam Kiernan
  • 3 RAR            Lieutenant Henry Swindon
  • 5 RAR            Lieutenant Nicholas Pullinen
  • 6 RAR            Corporal Joshua Conaty
  • 7 RAR            Lieutenant Zachary Hucker
  • 8/9 RAR        Corporal Kurt Holzl
  • SoI                 Corporal Carlos Barrera

The winner of the Hassett Award for 2018 is Corporal Liam Kiernan from the 2nd Battalion.

All eight nominees will proceed on a tour of Vietnam in March 2019 to share their leadership experiences with each other whilst examining a significant part of the Regiment’s history first hand.  This cross pollination of ideas will help to strengthen the current Regiment and provide an opportunity for sponsors to also join this elite group of junior leaders.

Extracts from the Commanding Officer’s citation for Corporal Kiernan include the following:

CPL Kiernan was deployed to Iraq with TGT VI under 2 Cav from Nov 2017 – May 2018.

Whilst deployed CPL Kiernan served as a part of the training squadron providing direct support to the Iraqi Non-Commissioned Officers Academy in Taji. His professionalism, initiative and high standard of individual soldier skills resulted in effective and relevant training for the Iraqi soldiers and enabled CPL Kiernan to work independently with very limited support. Outside of directed tasks, CPL Kiernan developed combat shooting packages for the Australian and New Zealand troops and continued his own studies in projectile ballistics to refine his skills as a Sniper. CPL Kiernan was ranked as the No 1 CPL on TGT VI high praise for an Infantry soldier deployed with a Cavalry Task Group. 

CPL Kiernan is recognised as a JNCO who is driven in the pursuit of excellence. He consistently seeks to apply himself to tough and challenging training opportunities and has competed in the Duke of Gloucester Cup on an unprecedented four occasions.

Since returning from Iraq in May, CPL Kiernan has worked tirelessly to improve the sniper capability within 2 RAR and prepare the Battalions 2018 Duke of Gloucester Cup team and the Sniper Team which will compete in the Annual US Sniper Competition at Fort Benning. CPL Kiernan has contributed significantly to the development of the sniping capability within the 2nd Battalion, Forces Command and the 1st Division and has significantly enhanced the Army’s ability to conduct amphibious ISR operations.

CPL Kiernan also deployed to Operation Fiji Assist in 2016 and transitioned effortlessly from a sniper team leader position to 2IC of a reconnaissance patrol. He performed to an exceptional standard in this role performing many challenging short- notice operational tasks.

CPL Kiernan is physically and mentally robust and is a junior leader to be emulated by all members of the Regiment. During the pre-selection for 2 RAR’s Duke of Gloucester Cup CPL Kiernan set the standard for navigation, physical fitness and shooting. CPL Kiernan strives for excellence in all facets of his work. He was Student of Merit for the 2012 2 RAR Reconnaissance Basic Course and also achieved Student of Merit for the 2014 SIOS Course. CPL Kiernan’ performance as a junior leader is second to none highlighted by his engaging leadership style, sound decision making and superior level of battle fitness and conditioning.