Inspiring serving members of the Royal Australian Regiment

We support leadership recognition & training, initiatives for the esprit de corp of the Regiment and welfare assistance of serving members and their families in need. We have given over $600,000 in direct assistance to the Regiment and its family.

Sponsoring fantastic esprit de corps opportunities

We support leadership recognition & training, initiatives for the esprit de corp of the Regiment. Programs sponsored by The Foundation include the Hassett Award for Junior Leader of The Regiment, The RAR Ambassador Program (coming in 2023), the Battlefield Tour, The DoG Cup, a planned tour of South Korea in 2025 and many other activities. We would love to hear your ideas for esprit de corps activities for your Regiment.

Triple 0 Welfare Assistance Grants

We make emergency grants (not loans) to those currently serving in our Regiment, and their families, who need our support. All grants are processed through unit Commanding Officers and are completely confidential. Sometimes life can’t be predicted so don’t battle on alone. Go to your CO and ask for Foundation help. A grant can be within your hands within hours.

We’re here for you. For your Regiment. Please Donate.

Old Faithful needs your donations to keep the Regimental family doing its best. You can donate once-off, monthly, through your pay or by direct transfer or bequest.


You can support the Regimental family with regular or one-off donations. Your generosity means members of the Regimental family who are experiencing illness, natural disaster or other trauma can be helped immediately in their time of need.

If YOU or a serving member you know needs help please go to your CO who can work with us to help you immediately. Our assistance is completely confidential and our financial assistance is in the form of grants (not loans). Need help? We’re here.

2022 Hassett Award

The RAR Foundation annually awards the Hassett Award for the best junior leader in the Regiment. This years winner is Corporal Joshua Green of 3RAR.

Congratulations to the Hassett Award finalists:

  • CPL Joshua Munro – 1 RAR
  • LT Don Harradine – 2 RAR
  • CPL Tautau Peleseuma – 2 RAR
  • CPL Joshua Green – 3 RAR
  • CPL Max McCulloch – 5 RAR
  • CPL Matthew Cook – 6 RAR
  • CPL Jake Gatica – 7 RAR
  • CPL Cameron Cherrett – 8/9 RAR
  • CPL Mitchell Howden – SOI

Need help? We're here.

Things go wrong. We’re here for you when other avenues of support can’t offer a safety net. Support grants (not loans) for members of the Regiment and their families can be in your hands within an hour in critical cases. Don’t suffer through when your Regiment can support you. Raise your hand for your Regimental family to help.

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